Spirit of the South

Toselli is a benchmark for Provençal fabrics. It has thrived though the decades with their passing fashions without so much as a wrinkle. It has been in the harbour district of Nice since 1933 and was one of the first firms to launch modern Provençal fabrics with timeless patterns featuring olive sprigs and lavender, now to be found on dining tables everywhere. And although, three generations on, the Toselli family has brought worldwide fame to Provençal fabrics, with numerous stockists on several continents, it is still very attached to its roots. Sustaining the great traditional art of the table dressing and bearing high the banner of the south, Serge Toselli has breathed new life into the family firm he now heads. At the firm’s original base in the Rue Antoine Gautier, the collections that have built Toselli’s reputation now rub shoulders with  more contemporary designs. In sync with the times and inspired by the South of France where it was born, Tissus Toselli invites the sunshineto your table. A scent of lavender, the shade of a pine tree, the chirping of the cicadas…page by page, let yourself drift into the heart of eternal Provence.

Have a good trip !

Marat d'Avignon, by Tissus Toselli

The mid-17th century saw the first printed cottons from the East arrive in the port of Marseille. This import trade was driven by the Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales (French East India Company), newly founded by Louis XIV’s s finance minister Colbert. These colourful fabrics, called indiennes, proved so popular that Provence became the main production centre for ‘Indian’ cotton prints. Thus were Provençal fabrics born, of a marriage between Asia and the South of France. Marat d’Avignon has been championing this great Provençal craft tradition since 1948, putting ancestral techniques and knowhow at the service of French excellence. These are also the values cultivated by Toselli, a Nice-based family firm founded in 1933 and specialising in the production of Provençal fabrics. Sharing an uncompromising love of good workmanship, precision and concern for
detail, it was only natural for the two to come together. They united their destinies in 2013. The merger has whipped up a fresh breeze of modernity and tradition. Marat d’Avignon’s rich historic heritage pairs perfectly with the contemporary vision of Tissus Toselli and its imaginative use of iconic Provençal symbols such as olives and lavender. In becoming Tissus Toselli’s prestige range, the Marat d’Avignon collection continues to weave the immaterial thread that links us to the loveliest and most traditional that Southern France has to offer. A table laid with Marat d’Avignon table linen is an invitation into the heart of timeless